Responsive Design

Merkent looks and behaves great in the latest desktop browsers as well as in tablet and smartphone browsers.

Cross-Browser Support

Tested and supported in all major modern browsers including Chrome, Safari, IE 8+, Firefox and Opera.

Awesome Features

Social buttons (Share, Pin It and Tweet) and complementing Bootstrap Merkent Products module to name a few.

Developed for OpenCart

Developed for open source shopping cart solution, OpenCart. Current build compatible with version 1.5.6+.

Built with Bootstrap v3.1.1

Built with the vastly popular Twitter Bootstrap front-end framework, Merkent is reliable and easy to customize.

Lightweight & Optimized

Any unnecessary files have been removed and all included files have been optimized for maximum performance.


Merkent Theme v3

Merkent Theme v3

An awesome touch-enabled OpenCart theme and framework built with Twitter Bootstrap.

Bootstrap Merkent

Bootstrap Merkent

Standard white OpenCart theme and framework built from Bootstrap featuring a responsive design.

Bootstrap Admin Shell

Bootstrap Admin Shell

Responsive template and shell for OpenCart's admin built with Bootstrap version 2.3.2